Mother Earth

To sensitise our students about the dangers meted out to ‘Mother Earth’, a virtual assembly was conducted by the students of class I. It highlighted the importance of

maintaining a clean and healthy environment on earth and conserving its resources.

The students presented a talk, rhymes, songs, and dance performances on the theme-‘Save our Earth’ wherein they highlighted how small steps can lead to big changes.

Through an absorbing enactment, the children showcased how throwing waste in water, cutting trees to build malls, or polluting the surroundings is destroying our future. They stressed the need to pick up and dispose of waste appropriately. They also suggested means to conserve water and petrol. Carpooling was recommended as one of the measures to conserve energy.

Each presentation was a wake-up call and exhorted everybody to take utmost care of nature –its soil, water, flora, and fauna. It was followed by a video presentation –’ We’ve got the whole world in our hands.’ through which the students were made aware of the little ways in which they can make a difference.

The assembly ended with a pledge to make the earth a better place to live in. The students performed exceptionally well and demonstrated their growing self-confidence and ability to communicate.

A truly successful endeavour!