New Delhi, June 27, 2020: Apeejay School, Pitampura, created a magical hour of story telling session for its students, parents, teachers and friends through a webinar titled ‘Leverage Story Telling – An Important Tool of Education in Teaching Learning’ on 27th June 2020 from 10:30 am onwards. The Resource Person, Mr Ameen Haque, of the popular ‘Storywallahs’ fame bewitched the virtual viewers with his charismatic & begulling mix of words, expression and voice modulation, enthralling young and old alike. The session was graced by the presence of Dr V.S. Garg, Education Advisor, Apeejay Education Society along with students, parents and faculty from our sister schools.

Story Coach, Innovoation Consultant and Diversity Champion, Mr Ameen Haque, introduced the attendees to the evolution and power of the story from the time humankind first came together as a community. In its simplest form, storytelling remains a powerful element of communication, with the narrative being equally as compelling as essays and textbooks. He shared how it offers us the opportunity to connect to like-minded characters or see the world literally from within someone else’s skin.

His interactive way of seeking answers from parents and teachers created a warm and easy bond between the two. He shared that listening to a story instead of watching a video allows the child to use his or her imagination more fully. This creativity process encourages free thinking and the formation of innovative ideas. “If teachers can be storytellers then children will love and learn all subjects. Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and History, everything should be taught through stories,” adds Ameen.