New Delhi, September 22, 2019: Being in a state of thankfulness attracts more things to be thankful for. With the idea of instilling this beautiful life lesson in the hearts of our young learners, Class I C of Apeejay School, Pitampura, conducted a special assembly.

All students participated in this mélange of song, dance and poetry recitation. All the sections of Class I were invited to be a part of this special assembly as audience.

Ayra Mishra of Class I C played a commendable compere for the assembly. She began by greeting the School Principal, Vice-Principal & others and welcoming all in attendance.

Then, she called out all her classmates for their performances one after the other, ensuring that the audience see a smooth running stage.

Raissa Goyal of Class I C spoke eloquently about why one must be in a state of gratitude and this was followed by presentation of ‘Thank You’ badges to the School Principal, Vice-Principal and others.

Anaya Shokeen and Oshien Jairath recited poems on the topics ‘Thank you Lord' and ‘Gratitude’

A young learner, Devishi, extended her gratitude to the School Principal, Vice-Principal Sir and others which was felt by all students alike.

This was followed by an enchanting dance performance on the song ‘Thank You Lord’ which left the audience spellbound. Little ones completely won over the hearts of all the teachers when they sang a heartwarming song ‘We thank you Teachers’ to mark the end of this special assembly.

Young learners were acknowledged for the hard work they put in presenting the assembly and the efforts of the Class Teacher, Ms Rashm Budhiraja, for inculcating the values of gratitude in the young learners so early in life.