New Delhi, Sep. 5, 2018: Students of the Pre-Primary Wing celebrated Teacher’s Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. The day began with a special assembly by students of classes Nursery D & K.G. D.

The entire faculty of the Pre-Primary Wing was received and warmly greeted by students of Class KG D through a Welcome Dance.

Teacher’s Day commemorates the birth anniversary of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who is known as one of the most distinguished scholars He was also the first Vice-President and second President of India. The same was shared by Aarav Sood of Class KG D. Kabeer’s Dohas on Guru, telling the unique role played by a teacher in his disciple’s life, were elaborated by Divyan Ahuja, Aviraj Singh Kalra, Aadya Singh, Tiaara Wadhwa, Misha Gupta, Myra Grover and Hridyansh Sahdev from Class KG D.

This was followed by a dance performance on the melodious song ‘O Teacher’ making all teachers proud & happy for the selfless service they do for the society and students, feeling gratitude and love for their teachers.

Students of Class KG D sang and enacted on an action song ‘We love you teacher’, elaborating about the role of teachers in their lives.

An adorable dance performance by students of classes KG D and Nursery D on the song ‘I Love you teacher’ left the audience mesmerized. The lyrics of the song depicted the love and respect a student feels for the teacher. It was an endeavour to celebrate Teacher’s Day in a special way to convey students’ sincere gratitude for them.

Student of Class Nursery D shared their views about the importance of teachers in their lives through a presentation on the song. To conclude the special celebration, the students of Class Nursery D enacted a rhyme ‘My teacher’ and presented all teachers a handmade card as a token of their love and affection.