Delhi, Sep. 22, 2017: Special activities were organised in the School on the theme ‘Animals’ for Class Nursery from 11th September to 15th September 2017. During the week, children were involved in different fun-filled activities. They made animal masks, animal skin patterns, etc.

Focusing on their gross motor skills, an outdoor activity was also planned wherein children enjoyed quacking like a duck, walking like an elephant, etc. Role plays by teachers on the theme ‘Love for Animals’ was enjoyed by each and every child.

Poem recitation activity was another interesting activity wherein every child got an opportunity to showcase his talent. For this presentation they came dressed in animal costumes or used related props. Children also watched the movie-Mowgli.

A presentation on different types of animals was also shown and children were encouraged to answer questions asked by the teachers.

Animal week was celebrated from 18th to 22nd September for the Class K.G. students with a view to preserve the fauna. Through the week, activities such as Rumble in the Jungle game, movie on saving animals, etc. were organised. Students were also engaged in an interactive quiz wherein they got to know about the animal habitat and habits.