New Delhi, Aug. 31, 2018: Students of KG classes celebrated a special week on the theme ‘Water’ from 27th August to 31st August 2018. To begin with, the children observed demonstration of various experiments related to the properties of water. The practical hands-on experience was enriching and initiated curiosity amongst students.

On the second day, a PowerPoint presentation on ‘Story of Water Cycle’ was shown to the kids. It helped the young minds to understand the process of rain formation and recognise water bodies in nature.

On the third day, a special assembly on ‘Save Water Save Life’ was organised by the students of Class Nursery A. They enacted on an action song ‘Paani Zindgani’ and presented a dance act on ‘Jal hi Jeewan hai’ which delivered the message of preciousness and importance of water to the audience.

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The children were also engaged in sports activity ‘Jack and Jill race’. Children were encouraged to do the act of balancing as they learnt to fill their tumblers and transfer it without wasting. They were overjoyed with the freedom given to them to perform the task independently and sincerely without spilling water.

The special week on ‘Save Water’ concluded with a role play by Class KG teachers on ‘Save Water for Life’. The act showcased various hazards one can face due to scarcity of water and ways to conserve water at any cost. The live performance given by the teachers made the ambience lively and left the students mesmerised. They wholeheartedly pledged to contribute in their ways for the betterment of the planet that we call home.

‘Save Water Save Life’ Special Week was the perfect opportunity for students to learn where the water comes from and why it is so important to use water wisely.