New Delhi, August 2019: Janmashtami is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Krishna. A combined assembly by all KG classes was put together to celebrate the festival wherein the students came dressed up as divine Radha and Krishna.

School Principal, Ms Veena Goel, graced the occasion with her benign presence. Krishna’s favourite white butter, misri, ladoos and peda were offered to the Lord to seek his divine blessings.

The assembly started with an introduction on how and why we celebrate this festival, followed by a performance on the bhajan ‘Achutam Keshavam Krishna Damodaram’ by Class KG D.

Special Assembly on Janmashtami

A small skit on Lord Krishna was presented depicting miracles that happened during his birth along with a dance performance on the song ‘Maiya Yashoda’ by Class KG B. After this, a splendid performance on the bhajan ‘Govind bolo Hari Gopal bolo’ was given by Class KG A. At last, Class KG C gave an enchanting performance on Krishna’s songs mashup making the audience dance with joy.

The festival was celebrated with great zeal. The assembly concluded with Lord Krishna’s chant and with a promise to be like Krishna – giving, empathetic and loving.