New Delhi, Dec. 24, 2018: Christmas is a religious and cultural festival celebrated among billions of people around the world. The much awaited festival was celebrated with fervor wherein a special assembly was conducted by the students of classes Nursery C and K.G C in the open air auditorium. The programme began with a skit showcased by the students of Class K.G. C. It was based on the birth of Jesus Christ. Students enthusiastically participated and enacted the roles of Mother Mary, Father Joseph, Angel, Shepherd, Wise Men, etc.

The audience was attentive and watched carefully. It was followed by an enthralling performance by K.G.C students on the most popular song—Dashing Through The Snow. Costumes were colorful and suited the occasion. The jingle bells song with a jig got the entire audience singing along when Nursery-C children danced with rhythm and coordination. The shimmering red dresses added more beauty to the Christmas jingles.

The colored bells, stars, streamers and brightly dressed Christmas tree adorned the auditorium and the children were in for a great surprise when Santa made his appearance on a sleigh dancing to the tune of Jingle Bells. The children carried home the message of sharing and caring as well as the pleasure and pride of spreading peace in true spirit of the celebration. Children were also encouraged that they should embrace the spirit of Christmas by bringing joy and happiness into everyone’s life.

The celebration was not complete without craft activity. Children decorated Christmas tree, stockings and prepared Santa Claus using decorative material.