New Delhi, July 11, 2016: Social Science Day was celebrated with the objective of creating interest among students regarding the subject. The Day was planned whereby classes VI-XI participated in the activities throughout the day.

An interactive session was planned by the students of Class VI – titled ‘Journey of Space through the Solar System’ wherein students portrayed information about each planet through their facts and knowledge. It was journey through planets wherein each planet was discussed in detail.

A talk show was conducted for Class VII whereby resource person, Dr. Aradhna Sharma (psychologist), presented her views on ‘child abuse’. A separate session was conducted for boys and girls as they were told about the issues faced by adolescents and how to cope with the same. She also brought an insight into the future challenges of adolescents.

Another interactive session was planned for students of Class VIII where they spoke about ‘water conservation’ as a necessity for everyone. A case study of Maharashtra (Latur District) was presented, showcasing severe water crisis. Students also presented ways of conserving water in everyday lives. A rain water harvesting model was also presented to make the knowledge more alive. At the end of the session a quiz was played to get a grasp of the conceptual knowledge of students.

A session on ‘Cyber-Crime Enactment’ was carried out for the students of classes IX & X whereby they were told about the factors leading to cyber-crime these days. Four cases were also presented with their court room procedures and what is the punishment given to the criminals when they commit a cyber-crime.

A talk show on ‘Financial Markets’ was carried out for students of Class XI by a resource person from NSE who explained the stock markets and current trends. Students were also told about how other countries’ economies can lead to rise and downfall of India.

Overall, it was a day filled with activities leading to awareness and importance, among students and teachers, about Social Science.