New Delhi, August 30, 2019: With the increased problem of pollution in our country, it is essential to inculcate values to protect our planet Earth by conserving resources. Keeping this idea in mind and linking it to the curriculum, Class Nursery C hosted a special assembly wherein they explained to their peers, the importance of water and the need to conserve it. The Assembly began with the introduction given by Venya Aggarwal. A rhyme about importance and saving water was dramatized by the tiny tots with great zeal. The significance of water was well explained through a song and a talk by our teacher. The students enacted an action song ‘Paani Zindgani’ which delivered the message of preciousness and importance of water to the audience.

Water is known as the elixir of life. As Apeejayites, we have imbibed water conservation values and are spreading awareness among people about less usage and saving of clean water so as to maintain the continuity of life on Earth. Students enacted a foot tapping dance ‘Life is Water, Water is Life’ to motivate the audience to join the mission of ‘saving water’. Overall, it was an enriching, awe-inspiring show which was highly appreciated by one and all.

The message of the assembly was loud and clear, given by Grisha Agarwal, that either we conserve water or learn to live without it. The assembly concluded with posing questions to the young audience on what they had just learnt in the assembly. In-Charge, Ms Sonali Chopra, appreciated the efforts of the students and asked the children to make an effort to consciously ensure they do not waste water and thereby, help in saving our Planet Earth.