August 6, 2022: The journey of Sanchetna 2K22 was an amazing experience for everyone. It was a journey of learning and teamwork, and we all made a lot of beautiful memories on the way. It began on August 6th 2022, when all the mentors presented an audio-visual presentation showcasing the ideas behind their workshops and what they planned to do in the three-day fun saga. The fifth graders absolutely enjoyed the well-conducted presentation session and interacted enthusiastically with their seniors. All the children were extremely exicted and eager to take part and become a part of the fun. We had 14 workshops with some very proficient mentors from grade 10th, namely: Debate, Drama and Dhamaal, Aaja Nach Le, The Craft Junkie, Rubik’s Cube, Thespian Talks, Rook &Roll, Strokes of Pantone, Photo Factory, Calligraphy Bliss, Artistique, Arts and Crafts, Strokes of Calligraphy, RACQ – PACQ, and Era of Games. The session was jam-packed with interactive games and riveting presentations, and each workshop received positive feedback from its young audience.

Day 1: August 16, 2022

The fun-filled, educational, leadership-focused saga SANCHETNA 2K22 officially began on August 16th,2022. The fifth graders were all buzzing with activity as they entered their respective workshops with tremendous excitement and passion. The mentors, on the other hand, were incredibly excited to communicate with their mentees and go on the amazing path of leadership and education with them.

Particularly enjoying the games organised by their mentors, together with the exciting activities they had prepared for the day were our young grandmasters, artists, speed cubers, dancers, calligraphy enthusiasts, orators, photographers and debaters. The “Debate, Drama and Dhamaal” students were taught about the art of debating and engaged in several interactive games such as peer interviews and charades. Our talented young artists created beautiful canvas paintings, made badges, did drawing activities, as well as designed several handicrafts. Our budding chess masters were introduced to the chess basics and notations while the zealous table-tennis players went over the basic tips, positions table-tennis players went over the basic tips, positions and serves. The Thespian Talkers took part in public speaking games such as “Dragon’s Den” and went over the concept of speech writing. The speed cubers and the aspiring photographers were introduced to the basic rules and methods as well.

Day2: August 17, 2022

The second day of Sanchetna kicked off with a bang. The day was full of energy and both the mentors and students made the most of the it with fun games, riveting activities, and we can’t forget, their curiosity to learn more and more. It was a splendid addition. Everyone embarked on a beautiful journey of creativity and innovation together and it’s amazing how much everyone has been able to learn from each other, the past two days.

The young dramatists engaged in several games and practised for their play the next day. The ‘Rubik’s Cube’ students went on to learn about different kinds of cubes, while the ‘RACQ-PACQ’ mentors initiated practise matches amongst the students. Out talented young photographers captured the day’s amazing moments with extreme professionalism, Meanwhile, our calligraphy enthusiasts practised strokes with brush pens and started writing simple words and phrases. The Craft Junkies did origami art and prepared beautiful drawings. The ‘Artistique’ students, meanwhile, created gorgeous canvas paintings and learnt about different painting techniques. Our young game creators worked on creating many games on the creating platform ‘Scratch’.

Day 3: August 18, 2022

Day 3 of was, simply put, phenomenal. The mentors and their young mentees planned and prepared for the showcase that was to be held later that day. The showcase included a display by all the calligraphy and art students. All the pieces were greatly appreciated, and the student’s and mentor’s efforts were applauded. The ‘Era of Games’ mentors, Hriday Marwah and Jivansh Gupta, then presented a short profile of the games created by their students, and then they themselves explained the process behind those games.

This was followed by a mini feedback session by both the mentors and the students. The ‘Aaja Nach Le’ students put forth a beautiful dance performance to amedley of five popular songs, which received acclaim from the audience. The applause in the room was astounding. The drama students enacted a splendid role play based on an Indian fairy tale, with the moral that most problems can be solved easily , which was followed by a mini extempore speech by the public speaking students on what they got out of the workshop ‘Thespian Talks’. The words of wisdom of our respected principal ma’am, Mrs. Veena Goel, proved to be the perfect conclusion to the three days of fun, learning, leadership and collaboration.