New Delhi, August 30, 2019: Sanchetna - A word which is fast becoming synonymous with leadership, teamwork, responsibility, management and lots of fun.

The week-long Apeejay Leadership Programme was held from 6th to 30th August 2019. It was inaugurated by the School Principal, Ms Veena Goel.

The programme is designed to cultivate within the teacher and the learner both, the life skills which help them learn how to respond to real life challenges. It is a step towards preparing them to become leaders in the times to come.

The programme, in its 8th year, brought together 182 students, wherein 148 students were from Class V, 24 students from classes X & XI (who were their mentors), and 10 students from UPASANA, a school for students with special needs.

The organising team carefully chalked out the activities for each day for each of the skill taught. Apart from designing what to be taught and the material required for each day, they also decided and procured the food items for each day. At the end of each day, there was an Introspection Session wherein they discussed what were the shortcomings or challenges they faced during the day and how they could have planned it better. It was indeed a learning experience for the team.

The concluding day saw the spectacular display of the skills acquired by the students of Class V.