Sanchetna 2016Sanchetna 2016Sanchetna 2016

New Delhi, May 14, 2016: Sanchetna 2016 is an Apeejay Leadership Programme to encourage students to explore as well as showcase their talent and capabilities which they have nurtured beyond the academic boundaries. It is to make them aware of how gifted they are and at the same time give them an opportunity to share their talent with people around them. The programme is designed to cultivate within the student leaders a sense of responsibility and sincerity and also to help them learn to respond to real life challenges one encounters in the process of managing large scale events. More importantly, it is a step towards preparing them to become leaders in the times to come.

The leadership programme, in its fifth year, was organised from 11th May – 14th May 2016. It brought together a bunch of students from classes X and XI, to conduct workshops for students of Class V in the field of their respective expertise. The programme thus offered Class V students a choice of 10 workshops to choose from:

Sanchetna 2016Sanchetna 20161. Calligraphy
2. Robotics
3. Movie Making
4. Animation
5. Canvas Painting
6. Dance
7. Quilling
8. Kirigami
9. Rubix
10. Chess

The students of Apeejay School, Pitampura are also time to time sensitised towards an ‘Inclusive Society’. This year too, the specially challenged students from Upasana School enthusiastically participated in Movie Making, Animation and Dance workshops.