Bhopal, October 6, 2014: Students of Class XI discovered a slice of their rich culture and heritage on their three-day visit to Bhopal - Pachmarhi from 3rd Oct. to 6th Oct. 2014. In Bhopal, the students got a glimpse of the life and traditions of the famed tribals of Madhya Pradesh at the well-preserved open sites in Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangralaya. Veethi Sankal, the indoor museum, opened the doors to the vast collection of artifacts, paintings, jewellery, lifestyle and culture of different regions of India. The students also visited the famous Bhimbetka caves spread over 40 acres of rich forest, exploring the rare rock paintings dating back to 35,000 years from a selection of 715 caves – also declared the ‘World Heritage Site’ by UNESCO.

The journey to Pachmarhi opened their eyes to the rich scenic beauty of the mighty Satpura range, including the Tiger Reserve Area, the famous Pandava caves, the gurgling Bee Falls and the mystic charm of Jatashankar caves. The students also visited Van Vihar, a part of Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary along the banks of the Bhopal Lake, where they saw a wide variety of birds, snakes, crocodiles, leopards and tigers in the well-preserved forest area.

They ended the adventurous day captivated by the mesmerising glory of sunset at Dhoopgarh with hundreds of tourists from all parts of the country.