New Delhi, Aug. & Sep. 2015: Class III students visited the Air Force Museum in the month of September 2015. The educational excursion was indeed knowledgeable as the students were curious to learn about the history and latest techniques of this field. Model of various aircrafts were displayed which reflected the types of aircrafts used during the wars.

The students of Class IV went for an educational excursion to the National Museum of Natural History in the month of September 2015. They observed how plants and animals survived in the past. The displays included the types of forests, deserts, underwater world, Polar Regions, etc. Students also saw a documentary based on interdependence of plants and animals. They learnt about different types of crops and extinct species. It was indeed an enlightening and enriching experience for both the students and the teachers.

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An educational trip to Gandhi Smriti, a place symbolising peace and serenity, for Class V students was organised in the month of August 2015. The students got an opportunity to know about the life of the ‘Father of the Nation’ who believed in ‘karma’ and in the power of truth. Students were awestruck to see some of the humble belongings such as spectacles, charkha and chappals of Mahatma Gandhi and the inspirational quotes written all over were a source of inspiration for the young ones. Students were shown a short presentation of the fateful and tragic day when Gandhiji was assassinated. The tour of the museum was educative and fascinating. One of the incredible features on display was the Tree of Unity, which would light up a pole when students held hands and, if any one broke the connection, the lights would go off. Students realised the power of togetherness and to be united, shedding off their differences. The trip was not only enjoyable but also very informative.