New Delhi, May 2021: Our Lord and master are with us. Let’s all talk to him through this prayer. Prayer is not the last resort, but a loving promise from our Lord that he will hear us. All the members of Apeejay School, Pitampura joined in praying for those suffering from the coronavirus, those caring for the ill, those seeking a vaccine, and all others who serve in these times. The prayers were also for those experiencing anxiety and for those who had lost their loved ones.

The School organised a prayer meeting with soulful bhajans sung by our staff, Ms Ritu, Mr Sumit, and Ms Deepti seeking blessings of the supreme power for everyone in these difficult times. Mrs Veena Goel, the Principal, spoke about the difficult times which everyone was facing in this wave of the pandemic, she said prayers have great healing power. Mrs Anita Sharma beautifully explained not to be overwhelmed by our sorrows but to believe in the supreme power and be positive at all times. Dr Sujeet Eric Masih, our Vice-Principal ended with a beautiful prayer asking the Lord for his mercy.