New Delhi, October 17, 2014: The School observed World Peace Day to uplift the feeling of peace, tranquility and unanimity among the staff and students of the school. A special assembly was staged and several competitions and events were organised to carry the muted message of world peace across.

The assembly commenced with the chanting of the peace mantra and prayer followed by a Stuti. A student of Class IX presented a thought provoking talk on ‘World Peace’. A student from Class VI recited a self-composed poem in Hindi. Further, a short skit by Class X students communicated that world peace can only be accomplished when the love for power gets replaced by the power of love in the minds of each individual. This was followed by eternally graceful dance moves which transported the audience to a world where peace is far more superior to the discords of war. The assembly culminated with a band performance which fed the virtues of brotherhood, compassion and equality within everyone and set the rhythm for the day to follow.


A ‘Peace Corner’ was also set up in the school for students to sort out their disputes and a ‘Peace Wall’ was also assigned for them to jot down their musings about world peace. Students and teachers enthusiastically wrote their thoughts about peace on the ‘Peace Wall’. An exclusive talk was also delivered to the students of Class IX by the eminent guest, Dr. Mangal Nath, on the topic ‘World Peace’. Students of Class VIII took part in the Slogan Writing Competition wherein they wrote wonderful slogans on the theme ‘World Peace’. Students of Class VI participated in a Poster Making Competition and showcased their creativity by creating magnificent posters on ‘Peace’.

Overall, it was a remarkable day full of enthusiasm and enjoyment with a great learning experience.