New Delhi, Dec. 1, 2017: Seasons are an important part of life and they bring happiness, joy and change in our lifestyle. To acquaint the students about seasons, a special week on the theme ‘Seasons’ was held from 27th Nov. to 1st Dec. 2017 wherein Class Nursery students indulged in fun and frolic activities to recapitulate the entire week’s theme. This included Role Play by teachers on the story ‘All Seasons are Important’, making of Spring tree, collage-making (Summer), statue-making (rainy) and displays on spring, summer, rainy & winter seasons by classes Nursery A,B, C and D respectively. Children also enthusiastically participated in ‘Getting ready for Winter Race’ and the special week culminated with the making of ‘Penguin’ craft activity. The entire week was full of joyous activities which left a lasting impression on the young minds.