New Delhi, Nov 6, 2020: #opinonsmatter raised the pertinent question “Are you a good responsible digital citizen?” and the young panelists shared their well-researched opinions with the virtual audience in an enriching online discussion. The panelists shared tips on essential netiquettes, cyber-crime, cyberbullying, stalking, phishing, identity theft, ransomware, online child soliciting, and abuse, to name a few.

The young students stood up to voice their concern on the rising indiscipline in online classes all over the world leading to demotivating of the teachers who are working hard to keep the students engaged in their online classes. Keeping in view the intertwining of the internet with modern-day life, the panelists spoke about the increased usage of the internet. From virtual education to social media to E-commerce and online registrations, vital personal information is constantly being shared. As our lives have taken up the virtual path, frauds and unethical hacking are on a rise, so the need for data protection is of utmost importance. The online discussion was full of informative case studies that outlined all of these in clear cut voices. #opinionsmatter is an emerging online discussion from Apeejay School Pitampura, that has given the students a platform to communicate on a topic that needs to be discussed and talked about.