Mathelete- Maths Day

New Delhi, August 9, 2019: The Mathematics Department of Apeejay School, Pitampura organised knowledge and fun-filled activities for the students as a part of their annual feature, the Math Day as the Mathelete.

Following are the class-wise activities planned for the kids who participated with their full energy and enthusiasm.

  • Class IV and V: Graffiti and Mathematical Rangoli
  • Students of Class IV made Graffiti on the topic ‘Math is Fun’ and the students of Class V made Mathematical Rangoli.

  • Class VI: Mathematical Modelling
  • Mathematical Modelling

    All the students were divided into groups and made 3D models of different shapes. They showcased the difference between a 2D and a 3D shape through their creativity.

  • Class VII: Tangrams
  • Tangrams

    All the students prepared figures, rangoli and pictures using tangrams.

  • Class VIII: Mathematical Games
  • The class was divided into groups of 4 each wherein each group prepared a game based on a mathematical concept. Then, the games were played in the class to make it more interactive.

  • 5. Class IX: Application of Surface Area and Volume
  • The students formed cubes and cuboids making their nets through paper and then, they calculated their areas deriving their formulas.

  • Class X: Mathematical Concepts through Story Telling
  • The students were trained to narrate the story of ‘The Tower of Brahma’ and thereby, relating the mathematical fact behind the creation of the universe, making others understand the concept of mathematical induction. Also, mathematical couplets and a value-based mathematical story were narrated.

  • Class XI: Practical Applications of Fibonacci Sequence
  • The students of Class XI presented a PPT prepared by a student of Class XII, explaining Fibonacci sequence in Pascal’s triangle and the birth of a rabbit & cow. The use of the sequence in spiral making was discussed and a question-answer session was conducted to make it more interactive.

  • Class XII: Concept Teaching
  • The students of Class XII went to junior classes to teach them a related mathematical concept and easy techniques of learning tables.

    Class V – Angles Class VI – Constructing Angles Class VII – Congruency of Triangles Class VIII – Divisibility Rules and Linear Equations Class IX – Probability Class X – Trigonometry

    The day, 9th August 2019, named MATHELETE was a day full of energy, involving maximum students in thought provoking activities. It was really satisfying to see the students getting involved in doing mathematics by heart and their love for the subject really made the faculty members motivated to do more and more for them.

    Class X: Mathematical Concepts through Story Telling