Three students Sukriti Julka, Gauri Khera and Mehak Gahlot of Class XI D went to Japan for an exchange programme under the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students & Youth (J.E.N.E.S.Y.S) programme from 14thto 21st February 2017. The purpose of the programme was to deepen mutual understanding among young people who will assume important roles in the next generation in their respective countries. The programme was aimed at promoting a global understanding of Japan’s society, history, diverse culture, politics and diplomatic relations.

J.E.N.E.S.Y.SJ.E.N.E.S.Y.S 2

Participants got a rare chance to visit Tokyo Edo Museum, Seiyro and Sapporo Hokuto High School. They visited the Indian Embassy and came to know more about the bilateral relations of the two countries. They also got an opportunity to stay with Japanese families and got a glimpse of Japanese traditions & culture. They were touched with the hospitality and rich culture of the traditional Japanese families. They attended various lectures and workshops on Japan’s life, culture and economy. They were able to understand the similarities and differences of the educational system in India and Japan. They found that the medium of instruction in schools is Japanese and English does not play a pivotal role in the life of average Japanese. They also visited Harajuku, the fashion street of Japan and were astounded to see the Harajuku Street fashionistas of Japan. They visited two beautiful cities of Japan, Tokyo and Nagasaki and were spell bound to see the scenic beauty of the country side. On return, they presented a report on Japan and their observations about the country. It was learning and enriching experience for them.