On 30th September 2011, students of Apeejay School, Pitampura had a memorable video conferencing on World Elderly Day with various prestigious schools including Unison World School, Alchon International School, Bal Bharti Dwarka and City School Bhit Shah. The main highlight of the event was Mr. Sawang who was our special guest along with many elderly people who were invited by the schools. Mr. Sawang was an active member of the Foundation For Older Persons Development and has taken great efforts to improve the quality of life for the elder.

The students were particularly influenced with his idea of universal pension for all those who are getting old. Throughout the video conference, everybody told of the importance of the elderly in their lives and how their everyday lives revolve around them. Students discussed the importance of NGO’s and charities in implementing this critical issue on a global level. They also discussed various strategies to connect with the elderly. The conference ended with the note that in the contemporary world there is a need to respect and acknowledge the roles of each and every old person and not just those related to us.