Face-To-Faith-AustraliaNew Delhi, May 10, 2013: Students of Class IX took part in the video conference held with St. Monica’s College, Melbourne, Australia. Students began with discussing things they liked about their community and things they would like to change. Students were then given the opportunity to attempt to define faith and explain how it was different from religion. Religion was also described as a ‘pathway to connect humanity and spirituality’ which was a great way to put it.

St. Monica’s College students asked Apeejay students as to which religion was the largest in India and what impact this had on the way they lived their life. Several students responded which was exemplar. Apeejay students asked if Australia was a country where all religions were treated equally and whether there was any favouritism towards a religion. This lead beautifully into the next topic of conversation which was how is faith displayed in the school or larger community. The emphasis here was to share their personal experiences and feelings. One of the highlights of the videoconference came up when a student from Apeejay explained the celebration of many festivals from all religions. Students continued by discussing the charitable work they do and how that is a way they can explore their faith.

Finally, students from both schools shared their views & agreed that they all follow humanity and regardless of their faith, beliefs or culture, they have so much in common.