On 27th July 2012, students of Apeejay School, Pitampura had an amazing Videoconference with their Australian counterpart, students from St. Joseph's Nudgee College, Brisbane During the VC, students were inquired as to what they like about their communities and what they would change about their communities. To the first question both schools mentioned inclusiveness, friendships, opportunities and Apeejay added respect of elders as well as unity in diversity. To the second question both schools mentioned things which would point to an exclusivity of sorts (St. Joseph's--need more respect of elders, schools, teachers and we need more of a sense of togetherness with friends/family/teachers) (Apeejay--need better civic sense, more inclusion of women, eradication of poverty, more widespread education). What is interesting is that there is a sense of inclusiveness and unity while at the same time a noticeable need (according to these students) for even greater inclusiveness and unity.

Students discussed both exterior and interior sources of faith It sounds like both schools have many programs of community outreach and students further discuss their motivations for becoming involved in such programs. It was an educational and learning experience for all the participant students. It was like opening up to a new mindset.