New Delhi, May 13, 2013: Students of Class IX participated in the Video Conference (VC) on Storytelling with other schools in India. The conference began by hearing some of the interesting and surprising things which students learnt through studying the storytelling module. Students then narrated their stories. Apeejay School and Meerut Public School both told the story of Krishna and Sudama, and DAV shared a self-composed story called ‘The Seed of a Movement’.

Students gave great feedback to each other, both on the style of delivery and the content of the stories. An Apeejay student asked a question – ‘whether it is right to follow all the stories in our mythologies, even the impractical ones: Should we have blind faith in following these stories?’ This led to a fascinating dialogue as a real breadth of opinions came up and students felt able to respectfully disagree. Some students talked about ‘putting more focus on the moral than the literal content’ and that stories ‘give inspiration but are not literal’.

The conference, then, moved on to a dialogue around ‘why stories are such a prominent part of different religions and cultures’. The session ended with students from all the participating schools, sharing something they found interesting or surprising from the VC.

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