J.M. Berrie said that 'The reason birds can fly and we can't is simply that they've perfect faith; for to have faith is to have wings'.

On 22nd November 2011, it was indeed an enriching experience when 4 prominent schools across India, one from the captivating valleys of Dehradun, one from the picturesque flora of the south and two from the heart of all activity and fun - Delhi, came together to share view in a multipoint video conference which took place under the guidance of the Buddhist Scholar - Mr. Shantum Seth.

The key question was to understand how one's religion aids that person to make a positive difference in the society and the purpose was to gain a deeper insight into Buddhism, spirituality and religion itself. To the question many interesting answers and perceptions were discovered but most of them pointed towards doing good for the society in one or the other way. Many other questions like the need of religion, way to salvation, importance of mind-training and self-control came up. To deduce it all one can say that it was amazing and truly a treat to one's intellectual self. Our this rendezvous with spirituality ended on a wonderful note as Mr. Shantum Seth's worship bell rang our minds and souls with waves of peace and understanding of the almighty.