The video chat (VC) began with students from four schools in India and Pakistan sharing three words that describe how they feel about elders in their community. The words used were – caring, love, affection, guiders, motivators, backbone, warm, values, wisdom, courage, leaders, helpful, experienced, mentors, wise, hardworking, respect, treasure, inspirational, humble, patient, role models, sweet friends, etc. The discussion then moved towards what the students learn from their elders. Students talked about learning from the experiences of their elders as they talked about the moral and cultural values taught to them by their grandparents. The students also talked about the earlier times when there was no electricity, no proper forms of transportation and no mobiles, and how they consider themselves to be privileged living in the modern world.

Students on both sides India and Pakistan talked about the joint family system & then shared stories from their respective faiths. The VC ended by sharing what was learnt and heard from the older people present in the video conference and they said they felt very proud of the students present there as their love and respect towards the older generation was amazing.