Students of Apeejay School, Pitampura had a multipoint videoconference with students of GD Goenka Public School, India, Mercedes College, Australia and Seymour College, Australia.

Student's gave wide range of opinions and ideas during the discussions of the initial question - 'What it means to be wealthy?' It was particularly interesting to hear that the students talked equally about the material wealth as well as spiritual wealth. The students also talked about the Projects they had both at school level as well as personal level. The students from both the Indian schools stressed a lot on charity both in terms of donating money and time. Where as the students from both the Australian schools talked in depth about the community service, social justice and equity.

The discussion then moved to role of religion/faith/belief in spirituality and towards social responsibility. Hindu students talked about their religion inspiring them towards donating and talked about the free food distributed in the temples. One of the Sikh student talked about the Langars (free lunches) in Gurudwara's. The Christian students talked about the parts in the Bible which inspire them to help others who are less privileged than them. At the end, the students from Seymour college talked about the projects which they have been working with in India, one of them is NINEISMINE, they invited the other schools on the conference to join them as well.