Someone has rightly said: “Vacation is what you can no longer take what you’ve been taking”. Apeejay School, Pitampura held its first Virtual Exhibition ‘EXPRESSIONS 2021’ - showcasing holiday homework and class projects of the students upto the middle school. The vivid and brilliant displays and PowerPoint presentations by the students added to the cultural vibrancy of the event. The visitors, chiefly parents were charmed by the delightful and innovative ways of the presenters.

Children showcased some outstanding work ranging from the undiscovered, deserted and yet, gorgeous wetlands, to the busy corridors of Hogwarts – the school of wizardry, and to the bustling streets of R.K. Narayan’s Malgudi. The young Shilpkars advertised their handicrafts, but also the curious and clever statisticians shared the data on the pandemic that made the world go upside down. In nutshell, they displayed a whole new bunch of activities.

Class VIII students displayed some fabulous book reviews, which made the audience travel through the center of the earth or the haunted house of Baskerville to the busy and bustling corridors of Hogwarts and to the sweet little life of Binya. In Social Science, a whole new bunch of eco-system, called wetland was put on the limelight, variety of uses of wetlands ranging to different types and its importance. In mathematics, the clever statisticians plotted the COVID-19’s growth to how it scrummed the whole world in its trap. Students advertised their various hand made products and contributed to promoting handicrafts. In science, agriculture – the backbone of the whole country was put to showcase a variety of information on wetland farming.

Class VII students keeping the unprecedented situation in mind, worked with material available at home to perform numerous imaginative and innovative activities. They displayed the reviews of the books, they had read in the summer holidays. Mathematics holiday homework was displayed with beautiful glimpses of 3D figures.

Class VI showcased the character dramatization of ‘Bal Ram Katha’ apart from the presentations of Book Reviews. Students also showed how the world is surrounded by Mathematics and discussed Roman Numerals and Place Values in currency. Through puppetry, the importance of food and nutrition was exhibited. The presentation on Wonders of Wetlands and Art work was nothing less than perfect which showed immense talent young students possess.

In Primary School, the students prepared PPTs, Ted Talks, and skits and conducted interviews and virtual tours. They also created stories on the theme प्रकृति की रक्षा, हम सबकी सुरक्षा, Smart Living, The World Around Us and the 3R’s – Reuse, Recycle and Reduce.

Overall, in the first-ever virtual exhibition, students proved their mettle in technical expertise…for running the whole program with such finesse and glitch-free. The event was hosted and well coordinated by young comperes. The student’s pride and joy were evident in the rich feedback received from parents via email.

The virtual exhibition was a visual treat that speak volumes of hard work which young Apeejayites never fail to deliver. We at Apeejay, following our legacy continues to leave behind the tried and tested methods of learning and experiment with new ways and styles of understanding and the exhibition was another milestone in our journey towards excellence.