Outings are always a refreshing break as these are essentials of school life. Every added experience not only becomes part and parcel of one’s memory bag but also grooms the personality as is desirous. An excursion to children’s park on 13th and 14th of October, 2016, was a welcoming break for the students of Nursery and K.G.

About 300 students visited children’s park to see the mini aquarium as part of theme ‘water’ based activity. After admiring the beautiful creation of god in the glass houses, the students were awe stricken to see such colorful tiny creatures swimming. Thereafter the students were taken to play area allowing them some free time to play and enjoy with their friends and strengthen the bond of friendship.

Excursion to children parkExcursion to children park 2Excursion to children park 3Excursion to children park 4