New Delhi, May 4, 2016: The Dept. of English celebrated Epiphany 2016, its annual subject day celebration, with an aim to promote the beauty of the language and its pivotal role in our life. The day saw two engrossing and enriching workshops for students from classes IX and VI respectively. Students of Class IX got a boost of motivation and information through the resource person, Mr. Lucky Puchhrat from Hindustan Times, who captivated the audience with his witty one liners, emphasising the power of effective communication skills. Mr. Rice, a theatre resource person in association with the Hindustan Times, initiated the young students into the nuances of drama and public speaking. Students of Class XII organised an interactive session for students of Class VIII on the misuse of internet and social media. Through the session, they tried to caution the young children on various harmful aspects of Social Media. Students of Class VII also had an opportunity to regale the audience with their character dramatisation of Shakespeare’s popular characters. Students of Class X took initiative to present their artful depiction of Shakespeare’s interesting range of Soliloquys from his widely popular plays.

Through this celebration, students got an opportunity to bring alive a wide range of emotions and expressions in English language.