New Delhi, April 22, 2021: A virtual Earth Day assembly was organised by Discipline House on 22nd April 2021. The assembly was beautifully anchored by Navya. Madhav Narang presented facts about Earth Day.

Principal, Ms. Veena Goel addressed the students and shared that we have to promise to save our mother Earth. We need to respect our mother Earth for our well-being. The students should in their way, share in their families, friends, and their circle that we should respect our mother Earth and humanity for our well-being.

Jiya Sateeja through her documentary shared the different ways in which we can save our Mother Earth. Shreyan Nagpal drew attention to some of the global issues like climate change, industrial pollution, and soil contamination that have reached a threatening level because of our indiscriminate actions. He suggested the use of 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to repair the damage done to our Mother Earth. Suhani presented a dance-related to our environment. Chakshita sang the Earth Day Anthem.

Riddhi Malhotra and Sumanya presented a documentary on the Earth Warriors - Dr. Vandana Shiva, Mr. Rajendra Singh, Ms. Sunita Narain, and Mr. GV Ramanjaneyulu who made efforts to save Mother Earth from destruction.

In the Talk Show, Global Earth Hour, students took up various environmental issues like Digital Footprints, Micro Plastics, Food Wastage, Alpine Ecosystem & Capitalism, and Environmental Sustainability.

Vice-Principal, Dr. Sujeet Eric Masih appreciated the efforts of the students of Discipline House.