New Delhi, May 13, 2015: The School celebrated ‘Computer Day’ on the topic ‘From Manual to Cloud Computing’. The students actively participated in various activities organised during the day.

A special assembly was conducted wherein students showcased their knowledge and talent through talks, poems, skit, quiz and a song on cloud computing. A quiz on Computers was also played with the audience which made it more lively and interactive. The audience was regaled and enthralled with the feisty song by students of Class XI. Colorful and aesthetic posters highlighting the impact of 'From Manual to Cloud Computing' were also placed all over the corridors.


Various inter-class competitions were held which were as follows:

  1. Class V-Graphics in PC-Logo.
  2. Class VI-Making presentation in Libre Impress, topic was 'From Manual to Computing'
  3. Class VII-Robowars
  4. Class VIII-Analyze your data in Libre Calc.
  5. Class IX-Creating Website in Kompozer.
  6. Class X-Audio/Video Editing
  7. Class XI-Animations in Ms-Flash.


Overall, it was a remarkable day full of enthusiasm and enjoyment with a great learning experience.