​color-days-2015​​New Delhi, December 18, 2015: Following the theme: ‘Light and Colors’ for the month of December 2015; the Pre-Primary Department of the School organised ‘Color Days’ on December 11 and December 18, 2015. Students of classes Nursery and KG wore Red & Blue coloured dresses on 11th December. Whereas, on 18th December, Class Nursery students wore Yellow and Class K.G. students wore Green coloured dresses. All students showed great enthusiasm and grace while dressed up in special colours. Teachers conducted various activities to reinforce the respective colors of the day. Through matching, coloring, tearing & pasting, play, clay modeling and observation, students learned about various colours in detail. They all have shown great zeal and have developed a spectrum of expression throughout their schedule at School.

​color-days-2015 ​color-days-2015