New Delhi, March 26, 2021: This event was organised for the students of classes II and III starting from Monday, 22nd March 2021 till Friday, 26th March 2021. ‘Acting gives the child an imagination, a story to tell, a medium to express, and a fabulous chance to be someone else other than oneself.’ Children like to perform or enact like a person or a cartoon or a favourite character of their liking in life. Roleplay is the basis of all dramatic activity. It provides the atmosphere and the ability to shape up oneself into another character while performing Character Dramatization.

Such activities challenge the children to develop a sensitive and in-depth understanding of all the characters they play. This also trains them well in all spheres of acting. Character Dramatization was held for the students of classes II and III.

Children came dressed up in their favourite cartoon or fictious characters like Spiderman, Elsa, Mickey & Minnie, Hulk, Doremon, Shinchian, Birbal, Indumati, Sofia, Barbie and so on.

The passionate enactment was very well performed by the children with proper getup of costumes and pronunciation of the dialogues. Each performance was very well appreciated by everyone present there in the online Zoom session. It was mass participation by the students of classes II and III in this event and all the students enjoyed it thoroughly. Overall, the event went very well & the children participated with a lot of enthusiasm and vigour.