New Delhi, June 30, 2021: Apeejay School, Pitampura invited entries for its 1st online five-day ATL Tinker Fest – NEXUS 2021 from Saturday, 26th June 2021 – Wednesday, 30th June 2021. The school received an overwhelming response from schools all over the country. 47 schools registered for the same

Event ‘XquizIt’ (Computer and Science Technology Quiz) was held on 26th June 2021, at 10:00 am. The inaugural started with welcoming the guest schools and the participants, followed by a prayer. Principal, Mrs. Veena Goel, addressed the students and motivated them. She wished the students good luck with upcoming events. The event was conducted by Manas Kapoor, Sarthak Garg, Dev Parikh, and Stuti Bansal. The quiz was conducted online on ‘Quizizz’ platform where the participants were given questions from various domains in the field of Science, technology, and computers. The main aim of the quiz was to assess the general awareness of students about the tech world and to develop out-of-the-box thinking through some logical answer questions. In 1st round, students had to answer 20 questions. The top 8 schools qualified for the 2nd round. The children enthusiastically participated in the event.

The event ‘Xposure’ (photography competition) was conducted. Five poems were given to the contestants in which they were supposed to choose any two poems and click two photographs based on them. Ms. Arzoo Khurana, an alumna & a passionate wildlife photographer, was invited along with Ms. Vandana Arora for judging the competition. Shashwat Mishra and Dhananjay Singh Rajput conducted the event under the guidance of Ms. Sarika Minocha. The schools actively participate in the event and made the event a grand success.

The event ‘eXecute’ - a HackerRank based Python programming competition - was conducted wherein participants had to complete the maximum questions in minimum time. The event required participants to create a logical solution to real-world based problems using coding as a tool.

‘CryptX’ was an online event similar to a ‘Capture the Flag’ event. Participants were given cryptic clues/hints which they needed to solve to get to the answers. Submitting the right answer would take them to the next level and so on. They needed to solve the Clues and keep climbing the leaderboard!!

In the event ‘Xpression’, the participants were provided with four clips from world-famous series and were asked to make a trailer for a hypothetical movie using those clips in four days. But, they were not allowed to use any dialogue or voice from the provided clips.

‘CodeBloX’ was a programming event for beginners (classes VI-VIII) in which the participants developed apps & games and explored the power of Block Coding.

The participants were allowed to develop their projects using any of the 2 given platforms (Scratch and App inventor). Both these platforms are very popular and are used by teachers and mentors as well, to introduce children to the world of coding.

In the ‘AudioXplode’ event, the participants were provided with different samples and had to make a track using at least two of them. The participants were to use their imagination and creativity to mix the given samples/sounds with their own.

‘UnXpected’ was the surprise event. To live up to its name, it had the most unexpected games. It was split into two rounds:

  • Round One: Chrome’s Dino Game
  • Round Two: Minecraft