New Delhi, June 12, 2021: ‘Love Conquers All’ was the theme of another episode of our weekly event, Apeejay@Cares4U on Saturday, 12th June 2021. Pre-Primary In-charge, Ms. Sonali Chopra, delivered the welcome address. Principal, Ms. Veena Goel presided over the event. To give a pious start to the programme, Shanaya Jain of Class III A presented a soulful rendition of God’s Love.

‘One who maintains a good state of health is living life to its fullest.’ This virtue was depicted by Ms. Rashmi Budhiraja where she emphasised the need for meditation for spiritual awakening. The programme was taken forward by our yoga teacher Ms. Natasha Garg who demonstrated some hand and wrist exercises throwing light on the importance of physical fitness.

From kids to the elderly, everyone loves listening to stories. Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world. Meer Ghuriani of Class KG B and Ms. Dipti Sateeja beautifully conveyed the idea to the viewers through their story that love is everywhere and in all of us.

To spread the spirit of happiness and joy, some students tickled the funny bones of all and everyone had a jolly time. Having a positive mindset about life changes our perspective on how we view each situation. To spread positivity in these gloomy days and lift everyone's spirits, a presentation ‘Fir Muskurayega India’ was shown in which Nursery students with their parents and grandparents inspired everyone.

With so many families being affected by the virus, it was the need of the hour to spread awareness about post covid care measures which were shared by our guest parent Dr. Rishikesh Nath, Consultant Pulmonologist.

Love truly makes our world spin and it especially lights up our children’s life. Knowing that there is always this love in the background goes a long way in maintaining a lifelong connection with happiness. To spread this message of love, students of classes K.G. and I passed on their cookies of love.

We, at Apeejay, have a strong network of alumni who are constantly connected with the school. Our alumnus, Sugeet Budhiraja from the batch 2017-18 left the audience spellbound by his soulful flute recital. ‘Music is to the soul what words are to the mind.’ The attendees were enthralled when Shivanshi Sharma of Class K.G C along with her grandmother sang a bhajan in praise of Lord Krishna.

Last but not least was a scintillating dance performance by Class I students and their mothers which was applauded by all. ‘Love is the best thing in the world and the thing that lives the longest.’This message was spread throughout the event.

Principal, Ms. Veena Goel, appreciated the efforts invested by the students, parents, and teachers. Love truly conquered the hearts and minds of all the attendees.