Uttarakhand, Oct. 31, 2015: Students from classes VII and VIII went for an adventure camp to Surshindhar in Uttarakhand from 20th - 31st Oct. Students camped in the Himalayan Eco Lodge, near New Tehri, and were mesmerised by the scenic beauty of the mountains, pine forests & the cloud filled valley.

During their four-day long trip, students took part in various fun filled activities like Treasure Hunt and Nature Walk. They also participated in adventurous activities such as Rope Climbing, River Valley Crossing and Jhummaring. They also went for trekking through the gorgeous stretches of Surshindhar and visited the famous Tehri Dam amidst high mountains. Students learnt the importance of punctuality, teamwork and life skills. It was an enriching and unforgettable experience in the lap of nature.

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