USA, October 28, 2012: An edu-entertainment trip, in the recent times, for a group of 29 students along with two teachers and the Principal culminated into an enriching experience of a lifetime. The exciting nine day trip started on 18th October. The three day KSC (Kennedy Space Center) tour commenced with a guided tour of the area – located just east of Orlando.

Looking forward to an amazing learning experience, the students were shown the Operations and Check-up Building, two launch pads, Discovery Memorial, Vehicle Assembly Building and a timeless icon – Atlantis, the space shuttle that caught the imagination of the world with its legendary services – flying astronauts into space, becoming space research laboratories, helping build the massive International Space Station, including repairing satellites. Day 2 gave the students a chance to interact with a veteran astronaut Ken Cameron who gave appositive message to the students- “Stay curious, and feel that big things are achievable”.

The exhilaration of the students echoed in their wild shrieks as the waves of the Cocoa Beach opened its arms to welcome them. Day 3 unfolded with the visit to the Astronaut Hall of Fame – a museum dedicated to the space program till date and honouring the dedication and perseverance of the men and women behind the innumerable voyages into the unknown oblivion.

The students also took time off to enjoy a great shopping experience at Florida Mall and Walmart. The world famous Apple store was their favourite haunt as they came back loaded with bagful of goodies. The next three days were enjoyed to the hilt by the students with their visit to the famous theme parks – Sea World, Disney world and the Universal Studios.