Delhi, August 2021: Students of Nursery and KG classes participated in special activities to throw light on the theme ‘Water’ in the month of August 2021. To begin with, they observed a demonstration of various experiments related to the properties of water. The practical hands-on experience was enriching and initiated curiosity amongst them.

A PowerPoint presentation on ‘Story of Water Cycle’ was shown to kids. It helped the young minds to understand the process of rain formation and recognise water bodies in nature. They also did freehand drawings of the water cycle. They observed the experiment done by the teacher - “How does it rain?”. They made cloud mobile as well. They did various activities like Ice painting, making ice Lollies, creating an underwater scene by magic painting, and making a collage of innovative ideas to save water.

The children were also engaged in a ‘Walking Water’ experiment to see the capillary action. They learned to make bubbles. They were overjoyed with the freedom given to them to perform the task independently and sincerely without spilling water.

To throw more light on the theme a stage presentation was also conducted where students presented rhyme/song conveying the message of usefulness and importance of water for all.

They wholeheartedly pledged to contribute in their ways for the betterment of the planet that we call home. It was a perfect opportunity for students to learn that water is life and they should treat it right.