New Delhi, April 21, 2020: An Inter-Class Poem Recitation Competition was conducted for the students of Class V. The topic for the Competition was: NATURE. Invitation and the judgement criteria was shared with the students. The judgement criteria included Pronunciation, Voice Modulation & Rhythm, Body Language, Confidence and Overall Presentation.

3 students from each section participated. It was totally a new concept as for the very first time it was being conducted online on Zoom. Many students from the four sections joined in as audience for the competition. The participants recited their poems from the comfort of their homes.

The judges - Ms Guneeta Sharma, Ms Prerna Sharma and Ms Mudita Grover - were amused by such confident recitation by the students and their way of presenting.

Class V D was declared the winner with the maximum score, Class V B was declared the 1st Runner up, Class V A was the 2nd Runner up and Class V C was the 3rd Runner up. The Competition went on smoothly with amazing performances. The Competition indeed was an enriching and fun filled experience for the students as well as the teachers.