Brief Information

1The School library is a vast reservoir of books which aims at the growth of the students and develops self esteem. To imbibe reading habits in students and staff members, the school library offers the following:

  • A wide range of latest fiction, poetry, prose, philosophical books, magazines, comics, newspapers, text-books, audio and video cassettes, CDs, DVDs and other visual aids await avid learners and readers.
  • The School is a member of the British Council Library, New Delhi.
  • There are approximately 22,000 books in the library.
  • Separate seating arrangement for primary and senior students.
  • Computerized issue and return of books to students and staff members.
  • Regular book reviews presented by students and staff members.
  • Book Week is organized every year in which various Inter School and In House competitions are held.

General Science laboratory caters to the primary and middle section of the school.

Students have an easy access to the different instruments and model under the supervision and expert guidance of teachers

There are mobile laboratories on trolleys for Primary section. These labs are carried to the class rooms and children watch the experiments as the lesson progresses.

Students learn and explore mathematical concepts through a variety of activities using, different materials. These activities help the students to explore, to learn and to develop interest in mathematics. It also enables the teacher to demonstrate, explain and reinforce mathematical ideas by using objects, models, charts, graphs etc. Our Mathematics Laboratory is equipped with

  • Abacus, A model of Sextant, Time Set, Graph Rolls, Geometry Box
  • Three-dimensional Geometric Figures

There are many models made by the students which include:

  • Geoboards, Tangram, Angle Sum Property of a Triangle, Pythagoras Theorem
  • Angle Sum Property of a Quadrilateral, Algebraic Identities
  • Patterns of Curves, Some Properties of Circle

Mathematics Laboratory can be used as an effective tool to create fascination and love for Mathematics among the students.