“Acting gives you a story to tell, a reason to cry, and lets you for once be someone other than yourself.” – Georgie Roman

New Delhi, Dec 26, 2020: ‘From Page to Stage’ Book Character Dramatization - An Inter-House Competition was held for the students of classes IV & V. Children were attired in their favourite literary characters from fairy tales, Panchtantra and classics books like Harry Potter, Anne Frank, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Sherlock Holmes, Oliver Twist, Helen Keller, etc. Role play is the basis of all dramatic activity. The ability to step into another character’s shoes comes quite naturally to most children. Activities like ‘Character Dramatization’d challenge children to develop a more sensitive understanding of a variety of viewpoints whilst sharpening their language and movement skills. By adopting a role, children can step into the past or future and travel to any location, dealing with issues on moral and intellectual levels. The passionate enactments were appreciated by everyone present. Determination House secured the first position among classes IV and Devotion House bagged first position among classes V.