Upcoming Events

S. No. Subject Day Date Classes Teacher Coordinators
1 Literary Week 16th - 21st Aug. 2018 Class II onwards Mrs. Savita Panhotra, Mrs. Sapna Sondhi, Mrs. Sarita Sehgal, Mrs. Shivani Verma, Mrs. Karuna Mishra & Mrs. Monika Kapoor
2 Mathlete 1st Aug. 2018 VI-XII Mr. P.C. Verma, Mrs. Vandana Arora, Mrs. Charulata & Ms. Neena Nautiyal
3 Know your History & Constitution 27th Sep. 2018 VI-X Mrs. Smita Sharma & Mrs. Astha Vashist
4 Science Magica 24th Aug. 2018 VI-XII Mrs. Preeti Gaur & Mrs. Mamta Sharma
5 Compbytes 17th July 2018 VI-XII Mrs. Puja Malhotra & Ms. Sonali
S. No. Special Assembly Date House
1 Earth Day 21st April 2018 Virtue
2 Investiture Ceremony of Prefectorial Board 27th April 2018 Compassion
3 Mother's Day 10th May 2018 Harmony
4 Independence Day 14th Aug. 2018 Faith
5 Teacher's day 5th Sep. 2018 Prefectorial Board
6 World Heart Day 29th Sep. 2018 Integrity
7 Golden Era 1st Oct. 2018 Victory
8 Founder's day 4th Oct. 2018 Freedom
9 Republic Day 25th Jan. 2018 Dignity
S. No. Activities Classes Dates
1 Inter-House Table Tennis X and XI

23rd April

2 Inter-House Table Tennis VI and VII

25th April and 11th May

3 Inter-House Chess II and III

3rd and 8th May

4 Inter-House Table Tennis Finals VI and VII

15th May

5 Inter-House Chess IV and V

12th July and 16th July

6 Inter-House Badminton II and III
VI and VII

3rd Oct. to 15th Oct.

7 Inter-House Badminton Finals II and III

18th Oct.

8 Inter-House Football IV and V

16th Oct. and 22nd Oct.

9 Inter-House Football Finals IV and V

26th Oct.

10 Inter-House Table Tennis VIII and IX

12th Oct. and 18th Oct.

11 Inter-House Table Tennis Finals VIII and IX

22nd Oct.

12 Inter-House Badminton Finals VI and VII

25th Oct.

13 Inter-House Badminton Prelims X and XI

3rd Oct.

14 Inter-House Badminton Final X and XI

23rd Oct.

15 Inter-House Athletics X and XI

19th Nov. and 29th Nov.

16 Inter-House Athletics II and III

18th Dec. and 28th Dec.

17 Inter-House Badminton VIII and IX

18th Dec. and 28th Dec.

18 Inter-House Badminton Finals VIII and IX

22nd Jan.

19 Inter-House Athletics Finals II and III

18th Jan.

20 Inter-House Athletics IV and V

16th and 22nd Feb.

21 Inter-House Athletics VI and VII

11th Feb. to 21st Feb.

22 Inter-House Athletics VIII and IX

28th Jan. to 12th Feb.

23 Inter-House Athletics Finals VIII and IX

18th Feb.

24 Inter-House Athletics Finals VI and VII

25th Feb.

25 Inter-House Athletics Finals IV and V

26th Feb.