Recent Events

New Delhi, August 2019: Anmol Sahdev of Class XII A and Rajat Pandey of Class XII B conducted a workshop for the students of Class XI on the topic ‘Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’. The students got to learn a lot about the application of Artificial Intelligence in various fields. The presentation was based on developing Artificial Intelligence technology and its increasing usage & importance in business firms. This was followed by a video lecture and a quiz for the students.

New Delhi, August 2019: Students of Class X designed a website on the topic ‘NGO: Adopting the Girl Child’. They had to do so using html and css. The students participated with full confidence and made really good and beautiful websites.

New Delhi, August 2019: Students of Class IX used a flash animator to create animations depicting a story on the theme Mowgli and the Jungle Book. The storylines were very engaging and the students competed with their hearts out and the competition was very tough.

New Delhi, August 2019: The students of Class VIII picked any topic from Class V Science or Social Science book and prepared a lesson based on the same.