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Beauty - Is Thy Name Fair?

Starting from 10th July 2020, Friday, Apeejay School, Pitampura, initiated an online platform titled #opinionsmatter for its young students to voice their opinions on topics that need to be discussed and debated. The inaugural discussion brought forth strong sentiments and concerns as the students from classes X-XII and alumni spoke honestly on the topic: Beauty - Is Thy Name Fair?

The topic sparked by the controversy around UNILEVER dropping the word ‘FAIR’ from its skin lightening beauty product received the backlash of the young students for promoting negative stereotypes around dark skin tones. The alumni shared their honest views about the untold mental and emotional damage & trauma that has been caused by the colour fixation globally.

The online discussions are organised every Friday, from 4 pm to 5 pm, giving an opportunity to the students to understand, analyse, speak and accept diverse viewpoints and share their narrative, global and local trending topics of discussion.

Apeejay School, Pitampura, is known for providing experiential learning and real opportunities to its students to be the torch bearers of humane and social causes.

The Principal, Mrs Veena Goel, and the teachers lauded the clarity and confidence of the young panelists – Srishti Grover & Bhasinee Deka (Class XII B), Soumya Kumar (Class XII C), Malvika Tiwari (Class XI D), Manya Bhutani (Class XI D) and Himani Chahar & Kasak Goyal (Class X). Vrinda Dube, Samyak Jain and Navreet Bhasin - the alumni won the hearts of the virtual attendees with their mature and forthright perspectives on the issue.

#opinionsmatter - Fond Memories of School Time

Friday, July 17, 2020, saw students, alumni and teachers come together on one online platform to share their fond memories of school time. #opinionsmatter started on a musical note with alumnus - Sparsh Gulati (2012-13 batch) setting the mood for what lay ahead by taking all down the memory lane with his musical rendition of the popular youth number ‘Purani Jeans aur Guitar’. The students from classes IX-XII spoke excitedly and lovingly about their most memorable and personal moments, expressing their earnest desire to once again be back in the cocooned portals of their alma mater. Arushi Gupta and Sanchli Sethi (2019-20 batch) shared their emotional bond with the teachers, peers and their school which had given them a platform to realise their potential in a plethora of Inter-School co-curricular activities. They reminisced how the School had allowed them to balance academics and extra-curricular activities with ease.

The highlight of the evening was the outpouring of affection and reverence by alumna, Dr Chhavi Kapur and alumnus (Advocate), Manish Kaushik (batch 2000) for the values instilled in them by the School. Their heartfelt narrative coupled with pearls of wisdom gained in their adulthood was inspirational and priceless for the young students who listened with rapt attention. The duo credited their teachers and School for their successful careers and holistic approach in life.

The evening came to an emotional end as the Vice Principal Dr. Sujeet Eric Masih blessed all with his warm wishes.

#opinionsmatter - Is Social Media turning us into a Recluse?

Friday, 24th July 2020, brought forth a torrent of viewpoints as the young students from classes IX-XII voiced their apprehensions and concerns with honesty and candour on the topic of online discussion “Is social media turning us into a recluse?”

The virtual audience comprising the School Principal, Mrs Veena Goel, teachers, parents and students applauded the clarity with which students underlined the misuse and bane of social media due to the reckless and ignorant attitude of misguided people. Saaniv Aggarwal (Class XII B) shared her views with her self-composed poem ‘Think a Bit’ and Mehul Chhabra (Class XII B) presented a PPT with statistics and tips to overcome its misuse. Alumni - Archit Jain and Ria Kansal (2019-20) mentored the young participants and added their not of caution. The program was moderated by Hershey Bhardwaj and Kishamya Trikha - both students of Class XI. #opinionsmatter goes live every Friday, from 4pm to 5pm, as a platform for young students to voice their opinion as Apeejay School, Pitampura believes that every opinion matters!

‘Sanchetna’ is one of the annual features of Apeejay School, Pitampura. This program is conducted to encourage and help the students to explore their hidden talents. The leadership program gives a platform to bring together an enthusiastic bunch of students from Class X to conduct workshops for the students of Class V in the field of their respective expertise. This year, ‘Sanchetna’ was conducted online.

‘Sanchetna’ encourages students to explore and showcase their hidden talents and capabilities, guided by our senior students who brainstormed in planning and executing the workshops with a variety of learning experiences for the students of Class V. These workshops are designed to cultivate essential life skills and mould their personality.

New Delhi, June 30, 2020: The School came up with a well-crafted concept of engaging its students, parents and alumni art the time of lockdown through an online initiative for the Summer Break – The Brew House. The idea behind hosting Brew House activities was to stay connected with our extended family and help them ease out and get over the trauma of being locked and confined to their houses and to relax & rejuvenate! The activities were designed to allow students to establish their expertise while strengthening their family bonds. Performing with children to create enduring memories that’ll be cherished for life and of course the joy of growing together is immeasurable. Such fruitful engagements also kept all distractions at bay. Right from the Pre-primary to the Senior Wing, everyone was roped in the plethora of activities scheduled for a month, commencing from 25th May till 30th June 2020.

Our tiny tots were no less. The Pre-Primary Department came up with ‘Razmataaz’ - A bouquet of colourful activities, meticulously designed for the little ones. It was a real treat to the eyes and ears to watch and hear little bundles of joy dressed up as puppets, singing with their parents for the event of ‘Sangeet Sandhya’, performing with their moms and dads in ‘TikTok’ style and talking about their favourite cartoons in ‘Toon Times’.

Everything was so perfectly lined up for the day that every Brew House show was a house full. The wholesome participation of the family with grandparents, praying and performing together, warmed our hearts. The connection between the School and home was strengthened through these activities, although when the physical school was closed. The sincere efforts made by the School, staff, students, alumni and parents did bore fruit. As it is rightly said - “Everything in life is possible, provided you have the will to do it”.

New Delhi, June 8, 2020: Apeejay School, Pitampura, remembered our beloved Founder Chairman, Dr Syta Paul, on his 10th Punya Tithi wherein a bhajan program was also organised on the Zoom platform.

School Prinicpal, Ms Veena Goel, paid her tribute by sharing about Sir’s life. Three students - Sonika Mittal, Maulvika and Lakshay Bangia - sang few of Chairman Sir’s favourite bhajans. Ms Suman Saluja, PGT Maths, sang the bhajan Achutam Keshavam. Ms Ritu Kohli, Ms Deepti Sharma and Mr Sumit Varma from the Music Department together sang the prayer Vishwapati Ke Dhyan Mein Jisne Lagayi Ho Lagan.

Dr Sujeet Eric Masih, Vice-Principal, Ms Savita Panhotra and Ms Praveen also spoke about Chairman Sir.

Remembering Chairman Sir on his Punya Tithi