New Delhi, July 12, 2018: Students of Class X (A, B, C and D) visited the Mahatma Gandhi Ek Pravasi Museum from 9th to 12th July 2018. The Museum was laced with interactive and gripping documentaries, newspapers and magazines projected on the father of our nation. The Museum traced his journey from London to South Africa and finally to India, highlighting the fact that he never compromised with his principles of truth, non-violence and courage. He led many struggles and movements for independence, thus, incorporating the power of non-violence in the hearts of posterity. Always sticking to the principle of Satyagraha, he promulgated the idea that truth is the supreme law. The Museum was equipped with digital screens and is a milestone in remembering the legend. His ideas of Niti Nityam, Praja Vikas and Atma Nirbharta still form the substratum of governance of modern times. He was surely the talisman for our nation.

The excursion was an inspiration for always treading on the path of honesty and always standing for what one believes in. Students were greatly motivated by his ideas and philosophy. They were able to relate the visual delight offered there with their textbooks. They learnt in length about all the movements, struggles and revolts which are currently a part of their history books. It made the task of understanding easier, especially for students with learning deficits. The excursion was extremely beneficial for students both in terms of academics and moral behavior.