Educational Excursions

Delhi, Dec. 17, 2018: Apeejay School, Pitampura, in collaboration with team Itihaas, organised an educational excursion for the students of Class V to Feroz Shah Fort on 17th December 2018. Ferozshah, the third ruler of the Tughlaq dynasty, built this fort in the 14th Century. Today it’s in a dilapidated and wrecked state surrounded by fallen walls and rocks. Even though the fort has lost its beauty, the students were awestruck by the magnificent architecture of the monument. The fort premises also house the Ashokan Pillar which stands atop a pyramid structure. It was brought all the way from Ambala and bears inscriptions of text in Pali and Brahmi. The members of the Itihaas group guided the students and showed different places inside the fort including the mosque, the palace and the area where the river Yamuna was located. Students explored the fort enthusiastically and it was an incredible learning experience for them.

Shimla, Nov. 1, 2018: An excursion was organised for the students of Class IX, from 1st to 5th November 2018, to Mashobra - a quaint town in Shimla. All students agreed that the hospitality of the staff and guide exceeded their expectations. However, weather played spoil sport for a day which was compensated by in-house games organised by their guides. It was ensured that students got the most out of this adventurous excursion, be it rappling, valley crossing or the 15km. long trek. Safety measures were also taken care of. On the whole, both teachers and students found this experience to be positive and rejuvenating.

Trip to Mashobra