Educational Excursions

Delhi, December 9, 2022: Recently, an excursion to Railway Museum was organised for the Nursery students to emphasise the theme ‘Transport’. Children also recited rhymes with great enthusiasm. In their visit, they saw working models of landmark stations such as the Lucknow Junction and Chhatrapati Shivaji Junction etc. Slow moving miniature trains traversing a network of tracks were a prime attraction for the students. They were delighted to have a ride on the Toy Train.

Delhi, October 27, 2022: An educational excursion to Bharat Darshan Park, Punjabi Bagh, was organised for the students of Class V on 27 September 2022 and for Class IV on 28 September 2022. This wonderfully amazing park is an initiative by Delhi Municipal Corporation in which 22 structures- 1 Banyan tree and 21 historical & religious places have been erected. These include the Qutub Minar, Taj Mahal, Charminar, Gateway of India, Konark Temple, Nalanda Ruins, Meenakshi Temple and many more. 350 tonnes of waste material which included electric poles, old cars, spare parts of trucks, pipes and other scraps were used to construct the replicas of the monuments.

It is a perfect example of ‘Kachre Se Kanchan’ as quoted by Mr. Amit Shah, Union Home Minister, during the inauguration ceremony on 25 December 2021. It was a good learning experience for the students who were awestruck on seeing so many famous monuments under one roof.