Educational Excursions

Delhi, Dec. 27, 2018: About 104 students of Class VIII from Apeejay School, Pitampura, along with four teachers, got an opportunity to visit the Itihaas Heritage Walk. Students first visited Nicholson Cemetery – a Christian graveyard where John Nicholson’s grave is present. Then, they visited Kashmiri Gate, one of the original gates of Shahjahanabad (the road from it led to Kashmir). Students also went to the Election Education Centre-cum-Museum, where they observed the evolution of the electoral system in India. The Itihaas’ guides enriched all the students with facts and legends of the Revolt of 1857, the first war of India’s Independence. Students were also provided with a workbook which contained interesting questions and activities. Students also watched a short film about how to participate in voting. It was a mesmerising historical trip in which students learned a lot about India’s history besides getting a deep insight of the electoral process and reforms.

Delhi, Dec. 17, 2018: Apeejay School, Pitampura, in collaboration with team Itihaas, organised an educational excursion for the students of Class V to Feroz Shah Fort on 17th December 2018. Ferozshah, the third ruler of the Tughlaq dynasty, built this fort in the 14th Century. Today it’s in a dilapidated and wrecked state surrounded by fallen walls and rocks. Even though the fort has lost its beauty, the students were awestruck by the magnificent architecture of the monument. The fort premises also house the Ashokan Pillar which stands atop a pyramid structure. It was brought all the way from Ambala and bears inscriptions of text in Pali and Brahmi. The members of the Itihaas group guided the students and showed different places inside the fort including the mosque, the palace and the area where the river Yamuna was located. Students explored the fort enthusiastically and it was an incredible learning experience for them.